BISSWISS combines unique competences with international experience. Each team member supports our Clients throughout project key phases from conception to realization.

The success of an attraction operation is always based on competence, efficiency and safety. Our specialized expertise includes the required know-how and experience offering various technical and operation services.




Serving the needs of our Clients BISSWISS introduced a modular package system including different areas of service. Reliable operation and preventive maintenance of the equipment as well as meeting required safety and technical standards is among our highest priorities.

TAILORED SOLUTIONS - Our Service Packages combine several basic, advanced and extended modules with the possibility of adding further block elements.



The BASIC yearly assessment is the foundation of all our Service Packages. During the detailed inspection the condition of your Observation Attraction is being verified for its structural integrity, operation and safety condition. Relevant components are checked and system performance tests carried out according to applicable standards and internal guidelines.

Our technicians perform the basic required maintenance tasks during a yearly onsite service period. Additional services and support for special tasks can be individually specified and included.   



COMFORT is our convenient starter package including the yearly assessment together with a seasonal maintenance service twice a year. Our technical help-desk helps resolving a various amount of possible operation issues offering fast remote support. This Package is designed for an educated and professional maintenance team.




Choosing one of our PROFESSIONAL packages offers an optimal Service with adequate technical support and efficient service intervals.

Preventive maintenance service on a regular basis keeps your Attraction in a healthy and safe operational condition. Required services on key components are performed by a BIS team member and the general condition of the equipment evaluated during the yearly assessment.  New introduced system add-ons and features can be integrated with Client specific service blocks.



The PREMIUM package is the high-end solution for your Observation Attraction. The extensive care service and frequent inspections complement a turnkey support for your operation and maintenance team.

Special promotions for further services and system upgrades are available. 



Our education services are based on combinable Modules and courses. The specific EDUCATION package is being individually arranged based on the specific requirements and application. All Modules can be combined with any Service Package.

Enhance your operation and maintenance performance offering your team additional competences. Available seminars, onsite coaching lessons and workshops are part of our Education program. Participants and trainees are qualified by a multi-level certification program. The BIS License is issued after successful completion of all required modules and tests.